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We are Acorn Woods.

More than just an agency, skilled staff, effective communication, creativity, a mission-focused approach, critical thinking, transparency, results-oriented mindset, experience, adaptability, and experimentation are the key qualities we possess that contribute to our success. We roll up our sleeves and do what it takes to build your story, your brand, your business. It all starts in our shop.

Ron Benfield


Jon Vickers

General Manager

Sarah Pelton

Creative Director

Sara Liberte

Creative Strategist

Lisa Backes

Social Media

How we work.

We strongly believe that a product is only as good as the people that make it, and this applies to the work we do for our clients as well. It all starts with our team. We place more value on creativity and participation than on hierarchy, as everyone brings a unique perspective to the table. Our team-based approach fosters ingenuity and allows each of us to be experts in our respective fields. We work hard to take our clients to the next level and take pride in their success. Our vision for the future is to bring forth cutting-edge marketing ideas and execute upon them.